Unlike most digital marketing agencies, AMJ is a sales agency as well. We exist to help you grow sales.

".... helped my company generate more phone calls for customers in my area..."

- jeffry garcia | President | avl suppliers

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About AMJ Sales

Why not just AMJ Marketing – why AMJ Sales and Marketing? Because we have a fundamental point of disagreement with 90% of the marketing agencies out there. They think all they need to do is drive people to your website. Run ads, write content, redesign your website. And that’s it. Make no mistake, those things are important. But how about making the sale?


They think all they need to do for you is set a brilliant marketing plan or that one. But we know that without sales, it’s all meaningless. We are a marketing agency but we are passionate about driving sales for your business.


And we’re also good at it. Our skill in sales comes from experience, practice, and understanding. It’s not about being a smooth talker, or twisting someone’s arm into buying something they don’t want, and we get that. But you can’t just pick up the phone and expect that to work either.


What our 10+ years of experience in business development consulting has taught us is that you have to have a system in place. We learned that working with small, local businesses, large corporations, and high-growth startups. There, we designed and built systems from the ground up - from literally nothing but a phone plugged into the wall into a smoothly functioning machine generating multiple millions in annual revenue.


If you keep reading, you’ll learn how we break our system down by call-tracking, answering services, customized reporting, and consulting.


What system makes sense for your business to maximize its sales? We’d love to help you find out. One of our observations is that each business is unique. Another observation is that your sales strategy and your marketing strategy should be tightly integrated.


We’ll help you design a sales strategy that makes for your capacity, your staff, your revenue goals, and that fits like a glove with your marketing program.

Call Tracking

In a way, call tracking extends the systematic, scientific approach of digital marketing to your sales. It gives you a 360 degree picture of when calls come in, who answers them, and what the outcomes are.


If you don’t implement some kind of call tracking for your business, you’re probably leaving money on the table.


One of the ways we can improve your call tracking is by writing customized call scripts for you and your employees. You might use these scripts as word-for-word instructions for your employees. In other cases, they’ll be general guidelines, to make sure the right tone and key information are conveyed. Either way, they can move the needle for your sales efforts.


Here are some more the specific features that a well designed call tracking system can provide your business:

  • Be instantly notified of incoming customer calls across your computers and devices, or even internal intercom systems. A sales opportunity should never be missed because one single telephone ringer isn’t heard; give your business a chance to convert that call into a customer.

  • Call recording and auditing. You’ve heard “this call me be recorded for customer service and quality reasons” before – from big companies. Why do they all do it? Because it’s a profitable business process. And your business, big or small, can do the same. By auditing your sales calls for you, we’ll give you feedback on how to make them go better. We’ll make sure you you’re able to answer all questions, able to tie-in useful marketing information, and that you never leave a call without (a) a satisfied caller and (b) some kind of next step.

  • Another important feature of call tracking services is after hours call routing and customized voicemail messages. We’ll show you the voicemail scripts that get the highest rate of callbacks; we’ll also design ways to tie in your marketing initiatives to recorded messages. 


Call tracking provides the basic infrastructure for a successful sales operations and we’d love to help you make yours perfect.

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Answering Services

Building on Call Tracking, AMJ Sales and Marketing also provides its customers with Answering Services. Why we do this?


Because we recognize that merely giving you great marketing services and call tracking  - the right things to say, the right voicemails, etc - may not be enough. In the real world, we have seen over and over that when a marketing campaign starts, our customers simply don’t have the capacity or ability to answer or follow up on the calls that come in.


And even if they do, they’re not necessarily prepared or equipped to optimize those call - to turn them into sales. This is a shame because it means you’re not capitalizing on the opportunities presented by a successful marketing campaign - and the all the dollars that go into it.


We solve this problem by providing around-the-clock call answering services. Our sales staff ensure that your company is represented professionally and is courteous, helpful, and informative with your callers.


We also understand that you may need time to build up call answering capacity in your company; we’ll work with you to gracefully transition from using our services to using your own.

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Custom Reporting

When we say custom reporting, we mean custom. We don’t mean using some stock dashboard purchased off the Internet and saying, “there you go.”. We’ve worked with plenty of clients who had been stuck with some kind of one-size-fits-all dashboard with a bunch of meaningless metrics for their businesses.


Despite being a very technology-savvy agency, AMJ is very careful not to  over-automate here. Tech isn’t always the solution.


Custom reporting done right is a valuable service. What’s important here is not the tool used to perform reporting, but the data itself.


If you pick the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your sales and marketing, you’ll understand exactly what’s going in your market. You’ll understand your customers, your products, and even your competitors - or at least you’ll have the data on hand to do so.


We work with you to create custom KPIs that matter for your particular business. We do this in conjunction with your marketing services, where we’re understanding your customer, what your customer wants, and how to reach them and engage them. What do you want out of those engagements? What matters most to your business. Once we answer those questions together, we have the basis for your custom reporting.

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We'd love to hear from you


For those of you who are serious about taking your business to the next level, you may want to consider engaging us as sales and marketing consultants. This goes far beyond merely advising you on the right platforms to run ads on, or the right things to say on the phone. Our consulting services are aimed at transforming your business and, at a minimum, doubling your annual revenue.


We have experience building out business development operations for very large corporations – with very large results, into the tens of millions of dollars. We trained, coached, and developed international sales and support teams of 400+ agents, integrating their work tightly with comprehensive and customized CRM systems providing your business with complete knowledge of your prospects, leads, and customers. We provided the high-level strategy and the logistics, the training documents, call scripts, and even live training and modeling.


If you’re serious about growth, we’ll help you design the same type of system for your business. Whether your a big corporation or an ambitious, growing  local company, there is a sales and marketing formula for you that has the potential to completely transform your business and let you scale your sales as far as your marketing can push them. As long as you offer great products and services to your customers, the sky’s the limit.


We’d love to help you think big – and act on it.

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